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Company Identifier Application Instructions
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Company Identifier Application Instructions


  • Company IDs must be unique. The company requesting a NENA Company ID will search the existing list of IDs to ensure the chosen ID does not already exist in the data base
  • The chosen Company ID code structure can be Alpha and/or Numeric, and should be easily identified as the company’s name and recognizable to the PSAP. All IDs in the database must be unique, and comprised of a minimum of three (3) characters and a maximum of five (5).
  • The preferred method for answering the mandatory 24x7 telephone number is by trained personnel, not a pager or recording. In cases where a company requesting a NENA ID does not have 24x7 assistance, such as PS911 or small rural telephone companies, the daytime number (NOC/Repair) must have a recording indicating how someone from the company can be contacted after hours. This number will allow the PSAP to contact the company's support center (i.e. a Network Operations Center or NOC, and/or Repair Center), for line interrupts, call traces, network outage, or other exigent circumstances.
  • The listed Company Identifier shall be served by a single 24x7 telephone number. Multiple types of service may be selected as long as the 24x7 number is the same for all types of service. The area covered by the 24x7 number may be national, regional, a single state, or other combinations. Please concisely indicate coverage area in the "Area Supported" field by the use of two-character state abbreviations (OH, VA, CA, OK), or "ALL USA” to indicate all states. In the event of a US territory, use US and the two-character abbreviation of the territory, example USVI, United States Virgin Islands. If a state is broken up into geographic categories, please indicate specific regional coverage to include specific county, city, or other geographic area including the state.
    • NOTE: In general, the Canadian PSAPs, Local Service Providers and 9-1-1 Service Providers do not use the NENA Company ID registration. Throughout Canada, the provincial 9-1-1 Database Service Provider manages locally the assignment of all Local Service Provider ID (LSP ID) codes (Company ID) used in their territory. At this time, In three provinces (Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick), both a Voice LSP ID and a Data LSP ID are used for each 9-1-1 transaction record and ALI display.
  • The Admin Contact Person must verify the Company ID information on the NENA web page at least quarterly to ensure all data is accurate.
  • What To List On The Company ID Table
  • The NENA Company ID table contains the following information, which could assist the PSAP in locating valuable information in a time of urgency.
    • Company ID
    • Company Name
    • Area Supported by 24x7 Telephone Number
    • 24x7 Telephone Number (need different Company ID for each different 24x7 number)
    • Type of Local Services
    • Status
    • SPID (NPAC SPID - applies only to wireline, wireless, and VoIP carriers involved in number portability)
    • Admin Contact Name
    • Admin Contact Title
    • Admin Contact Email
    • Address
    • Admin Contact Phone Number
    • Admin Contact Fax Number
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
  • Each Company ID will include the type of local services the company offers. The selection options will be:
    • 9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)
    • Cable Digital
    • CLEC Facility
    • CLEC Resell
    • CLEC UNE
    • Co-Op/Rural
    • Database Management System Provider
    • ERDB
    • ILEC
    • Internet Protocol Relay Provider
    • PBX/PS911/Shared Tenant
    • Wireless/Cellular/PCS
    • Video Relay Service
    • VoIP Provider
    • VoIP Reseller
    • VDB
    • VPC
    • Other (must identify)

A unique Company Identifier is required for each 24x7 telephone number.

Multiple types of service may be selected as long as the 24x7 number is the same for all types of service.


DISNY CA,FL 888-555-1212 ILEC
888-555-2323 VOIP
MGKDM ORLANDO FL 888-555-6425 PBX/PS911/Shared Tenant
UNIV ALL USA 800-555-6000 ILEC,VOIP,CLEC Facility


The 24x7 number reflected must be able to provide assistance for or access to the database contact, network contact, etc.

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