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NENA Company Identifier Program
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What Is a NENA Company Identifier?

NENA Company Identifiers (also known as Company IDs or CIDs) allow 9-1-1 centers to quickly identify the telephone company or access infrastructure provider responsible for a particular telephone number.

The evolution of telecommunications has necessitated the need to display Company Identifications (CIDs) of the associated Access Infrastructure Providers and Data Providers for each telephone number to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This need is driven by two factors:

  • Speed of Identification by PSAPs
  • Use by ALI DBMS Providers

A national NENA Company ID registration system was implemented by NENA Standards work groups in 1996, and subsequent work has made this service a part of this website for general access. This approach is intended to support standardization of NENA Company Identifiers (CIDs), and to supply a single point of administration for the Company ID file content and update.

Purpose of the NENA Company ID Registration Service

CIDs allow 9-1-1 centers to request emergency network services, such as busy line interrupt and call trace, when required to save lives and protect property. Additionally, CIDs help to ensure that accurate caller location information can be provided to 9-1-1 centers (PSAPs) and first responders when a user calls 9-1-1. CIDs also facilitate timely restoration of service during certain network or equipment outages.

Listing the registered Company IDs in the NENA Company ID database allows Access Infrastructure Providers and Data Providers, states, counties, cities, and PSAPs to access and use the Company ID information. The NENA Company ID in the 9-1-1 ALI record allows the PSAP to quickly identify the Access Infrastructure Provider and/or Data Provider for the caller’s telephone number, and to determine the 24x7 number of the company for emergency contact needs.

Speed of identification by PSAPs

  • When a PSAP needs to quickly contact the Access Infrastructure Provider and/or Data Provider for busy line interrupt, call trace, and other emergency actions, the use of NPANXX for service provider Identification is no longer effective due to porting, geographic number assignment (e.g., Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and pooling activity.
  • Company IDs must be applied to all 9-1-1 data base records.
  • Data Base and/or Access Infrastructure Providers are required to register a Company ID with NENA and have a mandatory 24x7 contact number for exigent circumstances.

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